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My Direct Descendants for 1000 Years

King of Scotland

The Weems family in America can trace its ancestry back thru the ages to the
middle of the tenth century AD. From William Anderson’s book “The Scottish Nation”,
published in 1874, we verify that the family of Wemyss was at that time “believed, the
only ancient family in the lowlands having a really Celtic origin, and one of the few great
families in Scotland which, through the male line, can claim kindred with Celtic blood.”

Crinan was killed by MacBeth in 1045 at Dunkeld. He was the Abbot of Dunkeld.
He was married one time to Princess BETHOC .  They had at least one
:Duncan DUNKELD , (1st King of Scots) who was born in 1001.


Duncan DUNKELD , 1st King of Scots

Birth: 1001       Death: 1040

He was the gracious Duncan of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Duncan succeeded his grandfather Malcolm II who died in 1034 without contest.
Duncan was later defeated twice by his cousin Thorfinn, Jarl of Orkney, under
who Norse power in Scotland reached its greatest extent.
Macbeth killed Duncan at Pitgaveny near Elgin.

His father was Crinan DE MORMAER and his Mother was Princess BETHOC.
He married once and his wife was  Queen Aelfaed of NORTHUMBRIA.


1. Malcomb CANMORE  (King Malcomb III) b: ABOUT 1031. This son became King.



Malcomb CANMORE , King Malcomb III

Birth: ABT 1031       Death: 1093


He rose from the position of petty king of the Picts or Celtic chief to the
dignity of Malcolm III, King of Scotland, founding the house of Canmore
which ruled Scotland for more than 200 years. Malcolm contributed to the
organization & development of Scotland as a united knigdom and,
moreover, to the high degree of tribal development in Scotland which we
recognize in the clan system. About 1066 Malcolm selected for his
settled capital Dumfermime, the picturesque little city in the
old Pictish province of Fife.

About the very time Malcolm settled at Dunfermime occurred the Norman
conquest of England. As a result a number of noble Saxon families fled to Scotland
when they were well received. Malcolm invaded England many times after 1068
supporting the claim of his brother-in-law Edgar Atheling to the English throne. In 1072
he was forced to pay homage to William I and in 1091 to William II. Finally, after a
prosperous reign, he was defeated & killed by Norman forces at the siege of Alnwick in
Northumberland in 1093. The king’s family were all under age so his brother Donald
succeded to the Scottish throne as Donald III.

His father was Duncan DUNKELD , 1st King of Scots b: 1001
and his mother was  Queen Aelfaed of NORTHUMBRIA.
He was married twice.

Marriage 1 ST. MARGARET


1. Athelred CANMORE , 1st Earl of Fife

2.  Edgar CANMORE

3.  Alexander I CANMORE

4. David I CANMORE

5.  Edith (Matilda) CANMORE

6. Female CANMORE

Marriage 2 INGIBIORG


1. Duncan II CANMORE (This son became the second Earl of Fife.

2.   Donald CANMORE


Athelred CANMORE , 1st Earl of Fife

Death: 1128

Father: Malcomb CANMORE , King Malcomb III b: ABT 1031

Marriage 1 Princess of MORAY


1. Duncan MACDUFF

 Duncan MACDUFF , 2nd Earl of Fife

Father: Athelred CANMORE , 1st Earl of Fife
Mother: Princess of MORAY

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Dufagan MACDUFF


Father: Duncan MACDUFF , 2nd Earl of Fife

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1.   Gillimichael MACDUFF

Constantine MACDUFF

Gillimichael MACDUFF

  Sex: M

Death: 1139


The Clan Macduff, then headed by Constantine’s eldest son
, 4th Earl of Fife, became the premier clan among the
Gaels of medieval Scotland. The Earl of Fife bore a coat of arms appropriate
only to a branch of the royal house of Scotland, senior even to that of the
reigning kings themselves. He was treated as almost a sacred personage,
being placed first after the king in all gatherings, speaking first in council and
Parliament and leading the van in battle.
Macduff lost his first wife to the cruelty
MacBeth, but after the restoration he married again and was succeeded
by his son
Duffayon, Earl of Fife, who in turn was succeeded by
Constantine and

Father: Dufagan MACDUFF

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Hugo MCDUFF

2. Fifth Earl of Fife MACDUFF


  Sex: M

Father: Gillimichael MACDUFF

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Hugo MacDUFF

 Sex: M

  Death: 1200

Father: Hugo MCDUFF

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Michael of Methyl & WEMYSS B: 1165

Michael of Methil & WEMYSS

 Sex: M

  Birth: ABT 1165

Death: ABT 1208


·  Note: The first proven ancestor of the Wemyss family,
Michael became the first to bear the name Wemyss.
Like so many other Scotchmen of the time, he took the
fashion of a surname  from that of his own lands and the
family was henceforth known as Wemyss of that ilk, a Norman
(de) being at first affixed to it. So styled, the family continued prominent,
held offices of importance  and intermarried with other great Scottish families.

Father: Hugo MCDUFF II

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Sir John of WEMYSS b: ABT 1203

 2.   Duncan WEMYSS

Sir John of WEMYSS

  Sex: M

 Birth: ABT 1203


·  Note: Sir John fought bravely and valiantly in the Norwegian wars
with William the Lion, King of Scotland.

Father: Michael of Methil & WEMYSS b: ABT 1165

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Sir Michael of WEMYSS b: ABT 1265

2. John WEMYSS

Sir Michael of WEMYSS

  Sex: M

Birth: ABT 1265


In 1296 he paid homage to & swore fealty to Edward I of England. The reign of Alexander III (1249-1286) was the Golden Age of Scotland. Upon Alexander’s death, his only heir was his granddaughter Margaret, the child of Eric of Norway & his daughter Margaret of Scotland. By treaty between England & Scotland, she was to become the Queen of England by marriage with Edward, Prince of Wales and was educated in Scotland with the view to that marriage. Sir Michael, along with his brother or son, Sir David, was among those commissioned as ambassadors to bring Margaret home from Norway.

The attendants pledged her father to guard her safety and they did, but she withered and died on the Orkneys. Her death left Scotland without an heir. Had she lived the course of our history certainly would have been changed. Wallace might have lived his life in peace, Robert Bruce would have died unknown, the Kingdoms of Scotland and England would have become merged in the early day without the bloodshed that followed in the after years.

Elizabeth would not have been the founder of the British Empire and the Stuarts would never have ruled England. But destiny controls events. In Castle Wemyss is still preserved a silver basin which was presented by the King of Norway to Sir Michael on the occassion of his service to bring the Scottish princess home. Margaret’s death left 13 claimants to the Scottish throne, out of which arose the wars that ended at Bannockburn in 1314.

Edward I was one of the claimants of the Scottish throne and invaded Scotland in 1304 and occupied Sir Michael’s castle in East Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland, which is now in ruins and locally known as Macduff’s castle. Sir Michael was an unwilling host. When Robert Bruce led the army of Scotland against the English forces, Sir Michael espoused the cause of his countrymen and led his clan in the Battle of Brannockburn in 1314. This battle established Scottish independence under King Robert I the Bruce which was recognized in 1326 by Edward II.

Father: Sir John of WEMYSS b: ABT 1203

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Sir David of WEMYSS b: ABT 1319

2. Margaret WEMYSS

Sir David of WEMYSS

  Sex: M

 Birth: ABT 1319


In 1320, six years after the battle of Bannockburn,
Sir David was one of the 8 earls & 45 barons of the realm
who signed the letter to the Pope asserting the independence
 of Scotland. As a whole the declaration committed Robert the Bruce
to continue the struggle for Scotland’s independence.
In July 1328 Sir David 
received from King Robert Bruce a charter to himself & wife Marjory of the lands
Glassmonth near Kinghorn.

Father: Sir Michael WEMYSS

Marriage 1. Annabelle SINCLAIR



 Sex: M

Father: Sir David of WEMYSS b: ABT 1319
Mother: Annabelle SINCLAIR

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. David Wemyss of KINCALDRUM

David Wemyss of KINCALDRUM

 Sex: M

 Death: 1372

Father: Sir John WEMYSS

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


1. Sir John Wemyss of Leuchars & KINCALDRUM

 Sir John Wemyss of Leuchars & KINCALDRUM

 Sex: M

Father: David Wemyss of KINCALDRUM

Marriage 1 Isabel ERSKINE
Marriage 3 UNKNOWN


1. David Wemyss of METHIL

2. Andrew WEMYSS

3.  Elizabeth WEMYSS

4. Isabel WEMYSS

5. Duncan WEMYSS

6.  Alexander WEMYSS

7.  Michael WEMYSS

 Marriage 2 Christian OLGILVY

David Wemyss of METHIL

·  Death: SEP 1430

Father: Sir John Wemyss of Leuchars & KINCALDRUM
Mother: Isabel ERSKINE

Marriage 1 Dame Christian DOUGLAS


1. Sir John WEMYSS b: 1425

2.  Unknown WEMYSS

3. Euphemia Wemyss


 Sex: M

Birth: 1425

 Death: 1502

Father: David Wemyss of METHIL
Mother: Dame Christian DOUGLAS

Marriage 1 Margaret Livingstone DRUMRY


1. Sir John of the WEMYSS b: 1448

2. David WEMYSS

3. Grisel WEMYSS

Sir John of the WEMYSS

 Sex: M

Birth: 1448

 Death: 1507

Father: Sir John WEMYSS b: 1425
Mother: Margaret Livingstone DRUMRY

Marriage 1 Christian SALTOUN b: 1450


1. Sir David WEMYSS b: 1470

2.  Gavin WEMYSS

3.  Charles WEMYSS

4.  John WEMYSS

5.  Agnes WEMYSS

6.  Margaret WEMYSS

 Marriage 2 Helen DUNBAR

Sir David WEMYSS
: M

  Birth: 1470

  Death: 9 SEP 1513 in Battle of Fodden Field

Father: Sir John of the WEMYSS b: 1448
Mother: Christian SALTOUN b: 1450

Marriage 1 Euphemia LUNDY


1. David of Wemyss of that ILK

2. Robert WEMYSS

3.  James WEMYSS

4.  Elizabeth WEMYSS

 Marriage 2 Janet GRAY

Sir David of Wemyss of that ILK

  Sex: M

  Death: MAY 1544

Father: Sir David WEMYSS b: 1470
Mother: Euphemia LUNDY

Marriage 1 Mariota TOWERS


1. David Wemyss of DRON

2. Marion WEMYSS

Marriage 2 Katherine SINCLAIR b: 1490

    Married: 1512


1. Sir John Laird of WEMYSS

2. James Wemyss of CASKIEBERRAN

3. David Wemyss of DRON

4.  Margaret WEMYSS

5.  Grisel WEMYSS

6.  James WEMYSS

7. Patrick WEMYSS

Sir John Laird of WEMYSS

 Sex: M

  Death: JAN 1570/71 in Elcho, Scotland

Father: David of Wemyss of that ILK
Mother: Katherine SINCLAIR b: 1490

Marriage 1 Janet TRAIL


1.  Gavin Wemyss of POWGUILD

Marriage 2 Margaret OTTERBURN b: 1542


1. David Wemyss of THAT b: 1535

2.  John WEMYSS

3.  Patrick WEMYSS

4.  Margaret WEMYSS

5.  Elizabeth WEMYSS

6.  Agnes WEMYSS

7. Euphemia WEMYSS

 Sir David Wemyss of THAT

 Sex: M

 Birth: 1535

 Death: 22 FEB 1595/96

Father: Sir John Laird of WEMYSS
Mother: Margaret OTTERBURN b: 1542

Marriage 1 Cecilia RUTHVEN b: 1535


1. Sir James Wemyss of BOGIE b: ABT 1560

2. Sir John WEMYSS b: 1574

3. David Wemyss of FINGASK

4.  Andrew WEMYSS

5.  Patrick WEMYSS

6.  Henry Wemyss of FOODIE

7.  Margaret WEMYSS

8.  Jean WEMYSS

9.  Isabel WEMYSS

10. Elizabeth WEMYSS

 11.         Cecilia WEMYSS

Sir James Wemyss of BOGIE

 Sex: M

 Birth: ABT 1560

  Death: ABT 1640

·  Note: Knighthood was conferred upon him by King James VI.
He was appointed Vice Admiral of Scotland by

Duke of Richmond and Lennox, heritale
High Admiral by his
commision dated anno 1591.

Father: David Wemyss of THAT b: 1535
Mother: Cecilia RUTHVEN b: 1535

Marriage 1 Margaret MELVILLE


1. James Wemyss of BOGIE

2.  John WEMYSS

Marriage 2 Elizabeth DUNE


1.  Henry WEMYSS b: ABT 1600

2.  David WEMYSS

3.  George WEMYSS

4. Ludovick WEMYSS

5. Andrew Wemyss of GLENNISTOUN

6.  James WEMYSS

7.  Elizabeth WEMYSS

 8.   Janet WEMYSS

James Wemyss of BOGIE

Sex: M

Note: Margaret was the daughter of Andrew Kinninmonth
by his second wife Cecilia Wemyss, daughter of David Wemyss
and sister of Sir James Wemyss of Bogie.

Father: Sir James Wemyss of BOGIE b: ABT 1560
Mother: Margaret MELVILLE

Marriage 1 Margaret KINNINMONTH

   Married: 1612


1. David Wemyse of BALFARGE b: 1615

 2.   Sir John Wemyss  b: 1634

David Wemyss of BALFARGE

  Sex: M

   Birth: 1615

Note: Second son of James Wemyss, obtained from his grandfather
Sir James David Wemyss of Bogie, the lands of Balfarge & several others
in the parish of Markinch. He married Mary Wemyss, daughter of his
grand uncle David of Fingask. David referred in writs of 1672 and other
dates as brother of Sir John Wemyss of Bogie. In Sept. 1653 he obtained
 the office of Sheriff of Fife.

Father: James Wemyss of BOGIE
Mother: Margaret KINNINMONTH

Marriage 1 Mary WEMYSS


1. Sir James WEMYSS

2.  Ludovick WEMYSS

3.  Elizabeth WEMYSS

Sir James WEMYSS

Sex: M

Death: 12 NOV 1715 in Preston, England


THIS man is supposed to be the younger brother of the 3rd Earl of Wemyss.

He was killed at the battle of Preston as a Jacobite.

A Colonel in the service of James Stuart.

 Was given the Nova Scotia Baronecy

 Hereditary chieftan & Lairdship of the Clan McDuff.
First Baronet of Bogie

Father: David Wemyse of BALFARGE b: 1615
Mother: Mary WEMYSS

Marriage 1 Lady Elizabeth LOCH


1. Dr. James WEEMS b: 1700 in Scotland

2. David Hamilton WEEMS b: 1703 in Scotland

3. Williamina WEEMS b: 1706

Marriage 2 Anna AYTOUN


1. John WEMYSS b: 28 OCT 1670

2.  Elizabeth WEMYSS b: 23 DEC 1677

3. David WEMYSS b: 1 DEC 1679

4.  Margaret WEMYSS

 5.   Ann Wemyss B: 24 Dec 1682  SS B: Sep 1675


The Weems come to America

Dr. James WEEMS

 Sex: M

Birth: 1700 in Scotland

Death: 1781 in Prince Georges Cty, MD

 Note: Descendants of James Weems from World Family Tree Vol. 1, Tree 6331

Father: Sir James WEMYSS
Mother: Lady Elizabeth LOCH

Marriage 1 Mary Wheeler CROMPTON


1.  Mary Catherine WEEMS

Marriage 2 Sarah Parker STODDARD b: 1711


1. James WEEMS II

2.  Suzanah WEEMS

3. Sarah WEEMS

4. Margaret WEEMS

5. Col. John Weems of Loch EDEN b: 1727 in Ann Arundel Cty, MD

Marriage 3 MILLER

Marriage 4 Alice LEE


 Sex: M

Title: Judge

  Death: 1814

Father: Dr. James WEEMS b: 1700 in Scotland
Mother: Sarah Parker STODDARD b: 1711

Marriage 1 Margaret TERRETT


1. James L. WEEMS III

2.  Nathaniel WEEMS

3. Margaret WEEMS

4. Amelia WEEMS

5.  Barbara WEEMS

Marriage 2 UNKNOWN


1. William Loch WEEMS b: 4 JUL 1735

2.  Williamina WEEMS

William Loch WEEMS

  Sex: M

  Birth: 4 JUL 1735

 Death: 15 AUG 1783 in Prince Georges City, MD

 Note: Was a Justice of the Peace. Is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Father: James WEEMS II

Marriage 1 Elizabeth WILLIAMSON

Marriage 2 Amelia CHAPMAN


1. Nathaniel Chapman WEEMS b: 1760

2.  Mary WEEMS

3.  Williamina WEEMS

4. James William Loch WEEMS

5.  Sarah Louise WEEMS

6.  Henry C. W. WEEMS

7.  Dr. John WEEMS

Nathaniel Chapman WEEMS

Sex: M

Birth: 1760

Death: 13 MAR 1808

Note: May have been on George Washington’s staff

Father: William Loch WEEMS b: 4 JUL 1735
Mother: Amelia CHAPMAN

Marriage 1 Violetta VAN HORN


1.  James William Black WEEMS b: 1790

2. William Loch WEEMS b: 1792

3.  Mary Moyland WEEMS b: 1794

4.  Philip Van Horn WEEMS b: 1796

5.  Alexander WEEMS b: 1799

6.  Amelia Violetta WEEMS b: 1801

7.  Cornelia WEEMS b: 1803

8. Nathaniel Chapman Weems b: 1805

William Loch WEEMS

Sex: M

Birth: 1792

Father: Nathaniel Chapman WEEMS b: 1760
Mother: Violetta VAN HORN

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Ann BURCHETT


1.  Ellen WEEMS

2.  Phillip Van Horn WEEMS b: 1828

Marriage 2 Elizabeth Taylor BURCH


1. Nathaniel Chapman WEEMS b: 1816

2. Joseph Burch WEEMS b: 1820

 3.   Elizabeth Taylor WEEMS b:1822

Joseph Burch WEEMS

Sex: M

Birth: 1820

Death: 1906

Father: William Loch WEEMS b: 1792
Mother: Elizabeth Taylor BURCH

Marriage 1 Margaret Ann BREWER


1.  Susan Elizabeth WEEMS

2.  Mary Lee WEEMS

3. John Brewer WEEMS b: 1851

4. William J. WEEMS b: 1854

5. Nathaniel Chapman WEEMS b: 1858

6.  Frankin Van Horn WEEMS b: 1861

John Brewer WEEMS

Sex: M

Birth: 1851

Father: Joseph Burch WEEMS b: 1820
Mother: Margaret Ann BREWER

Marriage 1 Dorcia Emmeline CLARK b: 1854


1.  Mary Lee WEEMS b: 1888

2. Nathaniel Turner WEEMS b: 1890

3.  J. B. WEEMS b: 1893

4.  Johnny Mason Lock WEEMS b: 1896

Nathaniel Turner WEEMS

Sex: M

  Birth: 1890

  Death: 1960

Father: John Brewer WEEMS b: 1851
Mother: Dorcia Emmeline CLARK b: 1854

Marriage 1 Ellen PITT


1.  Kathryn Docia WEEMS b: 1923

2.  Nathaniel Turner WEEMS , Jr. b: 1927

3. John Edgar WEEMS b:1932

·Name: Kathryn Docia WEEMS

Sex: F

Birth: 1923

Father: Nathaniel Turner WEEMS b: 1890
Mother: Ellen PITT b:1899

Name: Nathaniel Turner WEEMS , Jr.

Sex: M

Birth: 1927

Father: Nathaniel Turner WEEMS b: 1890
Mother: Ellen PITT b:1899

Dr. John Edgar WEEMS

 Sex: M

Marriage 1 Frankie Ann Gooch 1953 Birth: 1932
Father: Nathaniel Turner WEEMS b: 1890
Mother: Ellen PITT b: 1890 

Marriage 2 Ruth Ellen Berry Taylor 1996



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